Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Haute Heelz

Hello Simmers,
I havnt forgotten about you.. I hva ejust been busy working on a rl business. When I have a minute, I have a few idea's I want to create and share with you all for your wonderful simmies.

Anyway, here is a link to my business facebook page if you all want to take a look :)


Thursday, 10 November 2011

A little break..

Hey everyone,
I havn't dissapeared.. I am taking a little break. (It's my birthday tomorrow and Skyrim is released)... so I will be geeking out on that. Not to worry.. I have a lot of ideas for new creations.. keep checking back :) x

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Beaded long gown

Hey everyone,
I have another really pretty gown for you, today...I am pleased with this one=]! It has a beautiful silk drop and finished off with lovely beading at the front. It also makes a gorgeous wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. You don't need any ep's for this one :P It is fully recolouralbe (even the beaded area) and avaiable for YA and Adults. I will create it as a prom dress for teens, too. I am new to meshing so the mesh isnt 'perfect' but I am improving.. I hope! Enjoy =]


Monday, 31 October 2011

Wedding gown / formal dress

Before I head off to bed, I will quickly upload my newest creation . It is a retexture of an EA mesh from 'Fast Lane Stuff'.. so you must have this SP in order for this dress to work in game. There are no changes to the alpha, I just added a nice 'weddingy' texture to it... The top half is ruched, the bottom part has lace and it's finished off with a sheer belt and a 'glittery' neck line. It looks gorgeous as a maxi dress / formal gown, too.

I will repeat... you must have the 'Fast Lane' stuff pack in order for this dress to work in game.


Sunday, 30 October 2011

New Mesh:Maxi Dress

Evening everyone,
I have finally completed the maxi dress I started on weeks ago... (I have a habit of starting projects and not finishing them:P) It is fully recolourable and available in the 'everday' and 'formal' category for YA and Adult females. Again... please let me know if you encounter any problems or can give me any feedback .:)


Saturday, 29 October 2011

Cupcake Tank

Just quickly sharing this tank top with you before I head out. It is incredibly cute and is recolourable. (3 part)
It is avaiable for YA and Adult females in the 'everday' category but I am going to recreate it for children and maybe toddlers?  I hope you all like it!


Friday, 28 October 2011

NEW MESH:Maxi Skirts

I decided I needed a long skirt to go with the corset... so I created two maxi skirts. One patterened and one plain. Very hippy/gypsy looking and would look gorgeous with a corset for a wedding or what not! :) Let me know what you guys think and if I can improve them in any way. Thankyoou <3


Vintage Lace Corset

Hope everyone is well :) Today, I have created a Vintage Lace Corset for Marie. (It isnt exactly 18th Century.. but it looks vintage) Looks great paired with anything..from high waist jeans, skirts, shorts and petticoats. It is fully recolourable and availabe in the 'everyday' and 'formal' wear section for Ya and Adults :) Enjoy x


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

NEW MESH:Puffy Dress v2

Hey guys,
This dress was inspired by my cousins dress she wore for my 21st party. (Even though my uncle picked on her..telling her she looked like a cake..lol). It's another mesh created by myself. It has two colourable parts (top and bottom) and is available in the everyday and formal category for YA and Adult females.. Let me know if you have any problems.. I have tested mesh ing ame and it works perfectly :) Enjoy


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Giraffe Dress

I thought I would share this dress with you all before I head off to bed... This  was my mother's idea. She absolutely LOVES giraffes, so when I asked her to give me some inspiration, ofcourse she had to say a giraffe top... so here it is! It is fully recolourable and avaiable in the 'everyday' section.


NEW MESH: Puffball Dress with Bow

AHHH! So so so happy. I have successfully created my first mesh. Don't get me wrong..it's not perfect... but it works perfectly in game (no clipping etc)! It is fully recolourable, including the bow and is avaiable as a formal dress and everyday dress. I will be making more retextures using this mesh, soon. Please give me any feedback and constructive critisim, as I always appreciate it and use it to improve my skills. I hope you like it:)

*See my terms about using my meshes - thankyou :)*


Monday, 24 October 2011

Dead Cute Vest

Afternoon everyone,
Had a nice session on 'Pets' this morning! Trying to save for a horse.. it's taking forever. ( I hate cheating!), Anyways,been busy this past hour or so creating a cute vest top. 'Dead Cute'. It's fully recolourable and avaiable in the 'everyday' category for YA and Adult females. I thought it goes well with the shoes I created . I hope you like!!


Plain Mouse Pumps

Just completed the plain version of the mouse pumps! I could of spent a bit longer with the textures but I want to play 'Pets' , again! hehe. They are really cute, though. Fully recolourable and available in the 'everyday' category for YA and Adult females.


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mouse Pumps

Hey guys,
Another 'Pet' releated piece of custom content for you... Mouse pumps! When I saw these, I just had to recreate them. They are too adorable. They are fully recolourable and available in the 'everyday' and I also thought they would make cute slippers so put them in the 'sleepwear' category. Enjoy!
p.s I will be making plain versions, too.  They should be up today or tomorrow.


Saturday, 22 October 2011

Pearl Pumps

I had a request to make some pretty flat pumps.. so I gave it a shot and here is the result! I am really pleased with them:) The pearls and the base shoe are fully recolourable and available in the 'everyday' and 'formal' wear category as I thought they would be lovely for a wedding. I hope you like them!


Requested Laced Bottom Dress

This dress was a request from 'Allspice'. I hope it's ok for you... It's not identical to the original as I hate just plonking a photo down.. I like to add my own details to it. I hope you like it:) This dress is fully recolourable and is avaiable for YA and Adults in 'Formal wear' and 'Everyday.

The mesh is created by Anubis .. Again, a big thankyou for letting everyone use your meshes. You're a star!


Kittens in a Pumpkin

Considering it's Halloween and with the release of pets.. I thought I would recreate this beautiful painting. It's adorable and looks cute above your kitties bed.


Friday, 21 October 2011

'I am not a nugget'

I thought I would keep with the 'Pet' theme and create this incredibly cute and funny vest top. It is perfect for your vegetarian sims. The vest is fully recolourable and available in the everyday category for YA and Adult females.

I am off to bed now..REALLY tired.. I hope you like :)


Real Women Fake Fur

Just finished work and decided to create some Animal Rights T-shirt as you all probably know I am a HUGE animal lover and I thought now is the ideal time to release 'PETA' T-shirts. I will be creating a few more... but I need to play on Sims Pets! :P Anyway, I hope you like it :)


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Sims 3 Pets

Ok, so I have got my copy of The Sims 3 Pets..and so far it seems fantastic. I have made a little doggy named Douglas. He is adorable :) I wont be creating anything this evening as I have to have my Pets fix. hehe. Hope you are all enjoying it, too!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Thought I would share a recet photo of Boo. He is growing into a handsome young cat and is a cheeky little devil!

Skinny Jeans

Hey!! I am really excited to share these jeans with you. I am sooo happy with how they have turned out! They are extremely tight fitting jeans which make your sims bottom look amazing! :P They are fully recolourable (3 channels... the jeans, button and the 'Simply Me' tag at the back. Available for YA and Adults. I hope you like them! !!!


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The 'Simply Me' Team

Thought I would share this photo of the models I use to show my creations.

From Left to Right :- Lola-Rose, Nancy Cole, Imogen Thomas and Rosalia Rodrigez. Most of my models can be downloaded at my studio.

Bulldog T-shirt for Male Teens

Before I head off to bed  , here is the first creation I have made for male teens. I saw this top in a magazine and just had to make one for my teenage male sim! It is fully recolourable and only available for teen males! Enjoy!


Skull and Roses Long Vest

Hey guys,
Just finished creating a cool vest top. It has a racer back and a skull and roses on the front. It is fully recolourable and is avaiable in the 'everyday' category for YA and Adult females. Looks great alone, with leggings, boots or heels.

Leggings seen in the photo can be downloaded at Anubis' Journal.


Monday, 17 October 2011

'Simply Me' Lipstick V3

Before I head off to bed, I thought I would quickly upload a lipstick I made. Going to work on a lipgloss, next. Hope you like ! Goodnight everyone *waves*

New Lingerie Set

Another new lingerie set for you all. Avaiable in the sleepwear category for YA and Adult females . It is fully recolourable :)