Tuesday, 25 October 2011

NEW MESH: Puffball Dress with Bow

AHHH! So so so happy. I have successfully created my first mesh. Don't get me wrong..it's not perfect... but it works perfectly in game (no clipping etc)! It is fully recolourable, including the bow and is avaiable as a formal dress and everyday dress. I will be making more retextures using this mesh, soon. Please give me any feedback and constructive critisim, as I always appreciate it and use it to improve my skills. I hope you like it:)

*See my terms about using my meshes - thankyou :)*



  1. Nice! EXCELLENT work for a first mesh, love the design. Very short lol

  2. Thanks Shyne! I'm hoping as time goes on, I will be creating better things. Haha, it is VERY short.. when I drag it down it start clipping.. *due to bone assigning* . Im hoping to get my head around that though ,soon! Hope you've had or are having a nice day lovely! x