Sunday, 23 October 2011

Mouse Pumps

Hey guys,
Another 'Pet' releated piece of custom content for you... Mouse pumps! When I saw these, I just had to recreate them. They are too adorable. They are fully recolourable and available in the 'everyday' and I also thought they would make cute slippers so put them in the 'sleepwear' category. Enjoy!
p.s I will be making plain versions, too.  They should be up today or tomorrow.



  1. AHMAHGAD.... Soo CUTEEE!! :D I want these in RL

  2. Hahaha! They tickle me.. You can get some similar in real life but they are about £250! Slightly out of my price range.. Ha!


    I actually bought shoes like these the other day, just in jet black, for $40. I needed some nice formal shoes. I can't wear heels because I'm way too tall already lol :)

  4. Really?! I'm going to have to go ona hunt for some on my next pay day me thinks! Thankyou so much for the feature Shyne. I am slowly improving thanks to tutorials from the great creators out there, such as yourself :) It's so kind of you helping me start off in the simming community! Really is appreciated!

    Hopefully I will crack meshing, soon! I can mesh but I just can't get my head around bone assignments! ahhhh

  5. Yeah... I can't even mesh lol Not my thing. I'm happy to be a retexturer XD I'll leave the meshing to talented creators ;) hahaha

  6. a really good job you did =) you make the cutest shoes