Saturday, 8 October 2011

Designer Embellished Dress..completed.

Woo!! Finished.. this one took a while.. it was difficult to make but worth it! I was reading through vogue magazine and fell in love with a designer dress like this one (but ofcourse I couldnt afford it), so I thought 'Hey, I will make a simi;ar one  for my sim!!' and this is the result. It is VERY uniquie, revealing, sexy but yet oozes class. Looks gorgeous with black heels and accessories with drop earrings and a clutch bag. It is fully recolourable and available in the 'everyday' and 'formal' category for YA and Adult females. Perfect for a posh night out to a cocktail bar or a theatre production.  Please do not redistribute as your own.. Id ont mind at all if you use the dress in photos .. but please credit me:)

Hair :Retexture by Anubis
Lipstick: Lemonleaf
Model: Me


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